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The mechanical engineering in Canada is developed poorly though some branches of mechanical engineering gained strong development here. Production of cars, the mountain equipment, cars for pulp and paper industry, etc. Main centers of mechanical engineering Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Oakville, Vancouver, Windsor.

The industrial kernel of Canada is formed by two of its central provinces - Ontario and Quebec giving over 70% of production of manufacturing industry of the country. Roughly this industry in British Columbia develops.

North America is the most powerful economically the region of the world - makes about 40% of world production of manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry of the USA - the leading sector of economy of this country though the share in number occupied in a national economy constantly decreases at increase in the absolute amount of production. There are continuous changes in production structure of manufacturing industry which are reflected in geographical placement of industrial production, the share of the branches defining scientific and technical progress (radio electronics, chemical industry, etc.) at the same time grows the share of "old", traditional branches decreases (food, metallurgical, easy, etc.).

Vietnam comes nearer on growth rates to "the new industrial countries". In structure of its manufacturing industry light industry nowadays sharply prevails. It became one of the world's largest the exporter of footwear.

Partial alignment of extent of industrial development at the different levels (the area in the certain country, the country, and the large region) became one of the main features in geography of manufacturing industry of the developed capitalist countries. The construction of its enterprises out of large city agglomerations leading to decrease in a relative role of the largest city agglomerations with a high share of such industry became characteristic of modern placement of manufacturing industry.

In Central Asia the share of the light and food industry for which in the region there are favorable conditions is traditionally great: various agricultural raw materials, considerable manpower, etc.

In North America Mexico has the least developed manufacturing industry, though here it is the most dynamic branch of economy. In its structure oil processing and the petrochemical industry, metallurgy, various mechanical engineering, textile, food and some other branches are allocated. Growth of modern branches, in particular automotive industry is swept very up. Powerful industrial complexes more and more widely take root into the Mexican manufacturing industry, but do not define her face yet.

For agricultural mechanical engineering in the USA high degree of territorial concentration is also characteristic: about a half of release of all farm vehicles and the equipment is the share of a share of three states - Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa-.