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All basic elements of the water area stated above should be packed so that it was not created hindrances in their normal functioning. When developing the master plan of port it is necessary to provide possibility of expansion of an at further development of port. It is desirable to have reserves of the water area and sites as in areas of port — for its development, and beyond their limits — for creation of new areas.

Ports on the rocky coasts. Rocky coasts by quickly increasing depths and a narrow terrace (width of 100 — 150 m) of an erosion cone in a priurezovy zone. Construction of ports on the rocky coasts is connected with costs of construction of external protective. In these conditions the accounting of prospect of further development of port and creation for this purpose of reserves of the protected water area is difficult. Therefore in old ports, ­ to which construction it was necessary in the first half of the XIX century, there was a consecutive construction not only, but also protective constructions. These ports in their state are a little convenient for operation. examples are the Odessa and Tuapse ports.

As the basic principle of division into districts division of the rear territory according to the main types of freights and the specialized enterprises, such as oil refinery, station of purification of ballast waters, railway station, shops of packing and cargo handling, warehouses (see the appendix served.