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Feature of semiconductor IMS is that all elements make at the same time in a uniform production cycle which separate operations (an and etching, diffusion, an epitaxy) are carried out in the same environment.

Scientific and technical progress is not possible without elekrofikation of all branches of a national economy. Needs of a national economy for electric energy continuously grow that leads to increase in its production.

The epitaxy is applied to cultivation on a surface of a plate of a semiconductor layer with -or r-conductivity. Such layer some micron is formed by thickness at a transmission over the substrate of a stream of the gas containing ­ connections which, entering chemical reaction heated to 1250 °C decay on part and lead to formation of an epitaxial layer with n-or r-conductivity on a plate surface.

In production of semiconductor IS and many discrete devices she needs to create on a substrate the layers which are uniformly alloyed on thickness of the same name to a floor of the conductor, and in certain cases – and the semiconductor of other look, with other width of the forbidden zone. In particular, it is necessary for expansion of functionality of schemes, improvement of their parameters by, for example, formation of the sites of high conductivity hidden under such layers (hidden a layer.

Diffusion of impurity is applied to a plate alloying for the purpose of formation -and the n-layers forming the emitter, base, a of bipolar transistors, a drain, a source, the channel of unipolar transistors, resistive layers, and also isolating - n - transitions. For diffusion of impurity of a plate heat up to 800 — 1250 °C and over its surface the gas containing impurity is passed. Impurity diffundirut in depth of a plate through the windows opened in ZYuD layer. The depth of a diffusive layer and its resistance are by change of the mode of diffusion (temperature and a of diffusion).

Electronic devices make a basis of the major means of modern communication, automatic equipment, measuring equipment. They help to get into secrets of a microcosm and space, to measure electric potentials of living cell and atomic roughnesses of the processed surface. These devices will transform sunlight to the electric energy feeding satellites. On the basis of electronics transition to completely automated production is real. Already machines with numerical program control and industrial works are now used.

Etching is carried out in fluoric acid in which this layer. On those sites of a plate on which it is necessary to diffusion, in a layer at. the help of fluoric acid windows of the demanded sizes etch.

It is accelerated production of technically difficult household equipment of long use with the improved consumer and esthetic properties received thanks to modern components and, first of all, integrated chips develops.

The mechanism steam – liquid – a crystal ( – - To) when formation of a firm phase from a vaporous state takes place a stage of a liquid state. Crystallization of Ge on Si substrate if to heat the last to temperature exceeding temperature of melting of Ge can be an example;