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As a sign of fixing to the passenger of a place to it the coupon where are specified number of a concrete place, date and a of flight, serial number according to the sheet of registration is issued, and also number of an exit through which landing will be made on.

The last decades of the XX century were characterized by the essential growth of air transportation around the world. Substantially it is caused by rapid development of tourism. Planes became the most suitable transport for tourists. The main criteria are, certainly, and first of all, high reliability, loading capacity, passenger capacity and flying range with full loading without refueling to 12 thousand km.

The number of the states which develop the international and rules regulating flights, and also the principles of an of air transport over territories of these states participates in the international agreements of wide value.

Veterinary certificates and certificates are required and in transit livestock production and live animals, as freight. Veterinary documents are issued for all animal species, including birds, fur animals,, domestic and zoo animals, sea animals, bees, fishes, etc.

For passing of these procedures the passenger is obliged to arrive to the airport beforehand. As a rule, on the international the arrival time of the passenger to the airport makes 2,5ch to an aircraft departure, and on internal - 2ch. This time is necessary for passing by the passenger of preflight administrative formalities and procedure of registration.

As for foreign currency, norm of its export can change. On the one hand, it is caused by the requirements of the states assuming existence at the driving foreign citizens of the necessary minimum quantity of money for residence in this state.

Sanitary control is provided not only concerning people, but also concerning animals and plants. So, transportation by passengers of domestic dogs and cats is allowed only in the presence of the veterinary certificate or the veterinary certificate.

Air transportation of the passenger includes the period from the moment of passing by the passenger of the aircraft of preflight examination for landing to the aircraft and till the moment when the passenger of the aircraft under supervision of authorized officers of a carrier left airfield.

The international air transportation — air transportation at which the point of departure and the destination are located: respectively in the territory of two states; in the territory of one state if point (points) of landing to territories of other state is provided.

IATA develops procedures of airport service of and baggage; holds conferences on coordination of a of airlines and problems of load of the airports; gives opportunity of collective discussion by of the corresponding rules and procedures.

Then the operator withdraws the flight coupon on this site of flight and returns to the passenger the ticket together with detachable of luggage labels. The withdrawn flight coupon serves as confirmation of that the passenger really was on registration for flight.