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The policy of stimulation of development of problem areas is actively used in all European countries. For example, in the countries of EEC 25 main incentive measures which can be united in 5 groups are: subsidies and awards for creation of workplaces,

Practice of the reform which is carried out in the republic, the analysis of its many shortcomings show that great value in ensuring more effective and consecutive reforming and in overcoming of transformational crisis when Forming socially oriyentiro-

darstvo, are carried out by means of the executive bodies representing executive power. The constitution strictly differentiates their powers. The majority of the rights is transferred to lands which it is decentralized taking into account regional specifics exercise control. Such restraint concerning an executive role

It is caused by several circumstances: scales, quantity and structure of the solved problems, complexity of communications between them, a variety of the applied methods, the organizational principles. Between managements and departments of executive committee as elements of system,

Republic of Belarus - the new independent state in system of the world community. In our country the course on creation of such economic system which would combine advantages of a modern advanced market economy with is developed

inviolability and use in interests of the personality and society, providing an agreement of welfare of the worker and results of his work, social protection of disabled and other socially vulnerable segments of the population, social partnership.