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How do I come up with mr Simple guide to revise your college essay

In market conditions on new technologies and new equipment it is only possible to earn then money when they promote improvement of life. Thus scientists in the environment of the international competition, new to them, in the open markets should remember that time is the main factor in modern economy. However, strangely enough, many consider time as an inexhaustible resource.

Now in the course of sale, except medium-sized and small enterprises, there are about 300 big enterprises with fixed capital more than 100 million US dollars. Among them there are rather attractive, from the investment point of view, objects. For example, the oil processing enterprises extracting the oil and gas, electrogenerating and supplying companies, the enterprises of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering and other industries.

In the course of investments into securities it is necessary to follow the rule of diversification of investments, i.e. decrease in risk of serious losses. It can achieve at distribution of investments between a set of different securities. It is expedient to limit investments by types of securities, branches of economy, regions, a repayment period according to debt obligations.